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Where the Other Sam Found Walt Whitman

The “Bloody Angle” is the name given to a piece of ground at the Spotsylvania Courthouse Battlefield on which some of the war’s most traumatizing hand-to-hand and muzzle-to-muzzle fighting took place in May 1864.  Whitman would certainly have encountered a number of those men damaged at the site.

Finding Whitman

Location : 406 Princess Elizabeth St.
Poem: Whoever You Are Now Holding Me in Hand

Chelsea Finds Whitman

I found Whitman at Riverby Books in downtown Fredericksburg in front of the “Modern Warfare” section

Searching for Whitman in DC

Walking back to my apartment on October 24th, 2009 after twelve hours of “Whitman Searching” in the DC rain, my body was tired and aching but my mind was racing because I had discovered a new dimension to Whitman that I had never experienced before. Walt Whitman was once a name that I would glance […]

Meghan for November 10

I’ve been thinking a lot about the debates we’ve had in class concerning which edition of LoG was the better one. By the end of everything, however, the results were inconclusive: the few of us that preferred the 1855 edition were still set in our ways, as well as those who preferred the 1891-92 edition.
With […]

S/T-weet Victory

Free Lance Star, 11/3/09

Favorite Manuscript Moment

I am indebted to Other Sam for drawing my attention to this very moving detail.  One of the best things I saw at the Library of Congress was Whitman’s letter of December 29, 1862 (that is, exactly 106 years before the day I was born), to his mother about finding George in Fredericksburg.  We were […]

PBS’s American Experience Whitman Video

Virginia Scott, at UMW, recently blogged about an impressive video poem produced for the American Experience series on PBS about Walt Whitman. Enjoy!

We’ll Take the Booth in the Corner

I’ve mentioned this podcast from Nate DiMeo at the memory palace before.  I find it pretty poignant.  It’s about the Booth brothers, especially John Wilkes’ older brother Edwin.  Listen for a shout-out to Our Man Whitman [OMW]:
Edwin Booth BOOST
Here Edwin is looking pensive (or moping about his footwear):
And here is a famous photo we saw […]

field trip_fulton ferry landing

flow on, river! flow
with the flood-tide.  and
ebb with ebb-tide!
frolic on, crested and
scallop-edg’d waves!
gorgeous clouds of the
sunset! drench with your
splendor me, or the men
and women generations
after me! cross from shore
to shore, countless crowds
of passengers! stand up,
tall masts of mannahatta!
stand up, beautiful
hills of brooklyn!
throb, baffled and
curious brain! throw out
questions and answers!
-walt whitman-

These passages from Walt Whitman are […]

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