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Camden planning notes 4

Random notes from training:
Tech support is new group where faculty and students can post tech questions for help from members and Jim.
Matt and Jim will add tabs for fora and will fix course blogs so they draw in essential feeds.  We should each think about what feeds we want for course blogs and individually arrange […]

Camden planning notes 3 supplementing Matt’s post

Groups and BuddyPress:  Fora.  Can be public or private.  Could be used e.g. by students working on shared projects for discussion.  Group wire is like Facebook wall; can also notify by email that something has been posted on the wall.  Archiving group information.  Groups could be formed across class/campus lines–e.g., for students interested in Whitman […]

Camden planning notes I

General info and planning:

International Whitman Symposium in Italy focus on 1860 edition, esp. for graduate students– Karen will post link when website is ready
Library of America + WW archive for other editions, facsimiles, etc.
Begin with 1855 as shared base text
WW archive has summary descriptions of various editions

From Jim:
Looking for Whitman as immediate, collaborative space.  Disorientation […]

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Thank God Virginia’s On Our Side

Grave of Stonewall Jackson’s Arm

I search with google.
 Download Thank God Virginia’s On Our Side

this is my post

I search with google.

Download Whitman Dirge


By end of the second week: personal intro
First Assignment — Introduction of self through sections of Leaves of Grass/”Song of Myself” — find six
– find an image or video that illustrates that passage — flickr, YouTube
goals — practice technology — get to know other o
– grab six lines — comment on why that passage is […]

ww in camden

Image credit: Walt Whitman’s House by bart
Mickle Street

in Camden.
Download reading of Whitman poem

Under Your Bootsoles

I’m studying and helping to teach a course on Leaves of Grass.  Here’s a perhaps silly but interesting video:

Here’s a photo of a statue I wish we were going to get to visit:

Image credit: Whitman statue, by A. Belani
Download “Are You”

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